Field Trips

Field Trips

Our 5000-gallon integrated aquaponic, hydroponic, soil propagated hybrid science lab is the perfect platform to illustrate the full cycle of nature and the symbiotic relationship around us. We have multiple examples of backyard self-contained aquaponic systems to illustrate and to inspire.

Group Tours

Tour our huge tilapia powered hybrid aquaponic/hydroponic/soil growing experimental educational laboratory. Experience the smells and taste of the freshest fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers. Close-up hands-on encounters in our petting area with animals such as chickens, quail, and rabbits.

Hosting Venues

We are South Florida’s only Educational & Wellness Hosting facility. A secluded 5 acre farm campus and facilities available for educational and wellness programs to inspire, teach, heal, help, entertain, and enjoy. A very beautiful backdrop to any event or showcase.

Intro Workshop

Our introduction educational 4-hour walking tour program is specifically designed for adults with included lunch. The gateway to all our classes and workshops.

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