Student Membership Program

Together We Stand’s Student Membership program offers students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to become active members of the Together We Stand team.

Student Membership Application Form

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Student Membership Program Application

Join our Student Membership Program atTogether We Stand

You can financially support the mission of Together We Stand's programs and operations by joining our community ofSupporting Members .

As a Student Member of Together We Stand, I will be allowed entry to our campus: 3350 N 57 Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33021, with exclusive access to:

  • Special educational programs.
  • Enrollment in Together We Stand co-op programs.
  • Advance notice of upcoming events.
  • Discounts on classes, workshops, cultural events, aquaponic systems, custom garden design, and their construction.
  • Many other benefits gear specifically to educate and strengthen the supporting membership family.

I agree to financially support the mission, programs, and operations of Together We Stand (TWS) by committing to a recurring monthly payment of $35.00 a month for a period of 6-Months (a total financial commitment of $210.00)

Agree to recurring payment

A monthly recurring payment will be processed on the first of each month for the duration of the agreement. Members will be notified via email 30-days prior to automatic renewal of this agreement and members will be informed of any modification to this agreement and option of non-renewal will be offered. Funds already processed are not refundable. This agreement may be canceled at any time by either party via email or written letter. This agreement is subject to change and modification by Together We Stand at any time.

Terms and Conditions

This following serves to clarify the position and terms of the Community Supported Education program agreement between Together We Stand (TWS) (the host) and the Community Supported Education Supporting Group.

Acknowledgment of Agricultural Farm status, Inherit accompanying Risk and Liability Release

Acknowledgment of Agricultural Farm status, Inherit accompanying Risk and Liability Release

  1. TWS is an active agriculture/aquaculture farm entity with a primary focus on aggro-education, located at 3350 N 57 drive Hollywood, Florida 33021.
  2. As an agricultural farm the state of Florida’s Right to Farm act acknowledges the challenges of safeguarding against all contingencies of harm which might occur in the normal operations of a farm enterprise and has extended civil protection to the farmer, landowner, and farm workers against civil litigation in conjunction with normal farm operations.
  3. To wit; any group, organization or individuals partnering with TWS, or individuals affiliated with such groups or organizations, which endeavors to entertain, educate, host, conduct commerce or other activity at this location understands and assumes any and all liability responsibility resulting from injury, harm, loss of property or loss of life due to accident or negligence and shall not hold TWS, nor its directors, officers, employees, property owners or guests responsible for damages resulting from injury, harm, loss of property or loss of life due to accident or negligence.
  4. TWS is a practical educational hosting facility, hosting a variety of educational opportunities.
  5. TWS is an established 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization and has been established since 2012.
  6. At no time shall any party establish a mailing address for, or list this address as a location for a business or other legal entity other than TWS.
  7. All references in public view, marketing, social media and other advertisements shall be referenced as: ‘Supporting Group Name’ in partnership with TWS with logo.
  8. TWS is an open-air educational farm environment. We have plants, dirt, fertilizers, farm animals, and animal waste products. Pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi are all present and active in the farm life. Washing hands often and not touching your face is always a good idea. TWS is a mask optional location. If you wish to wear a mask please feel free, we will honor your opinion and practice social distancing if requested.

General Rules and Code of Conduct

General Rules and Code of Conduct

  1. No images of any deity on display at any time (status of Buddha’s, pictures of goddesses or other demigods, Crucifixes or pictures of Jesus).
  2. No promotion of political ideology
  3. No Religious Ceremonies
  4. No use of any illegal substances
  5. Children 16 under must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Children under the age of 6 must be directly supervised by an adult or designated chaperons at all times.
  7. Music sound levels must be restricted at all times to such a level as respect surrounding neighbors and other guests.
  8. No amplified music after 11 pm.
  9. Drums and other percussion instruments must be muted after 11 pm
  10. No running, jumping, dancing, or other physical activities on main front porch
  11. All dogs must be on leashed
  12. All dogs must be cleaned up after
  13. Smoking only allowed in designated areas only
  14. No cigarette butts on ground
  15. No swimming in lake
  16. No fishing or boating allowed unless authorized by Together We Stand officials
  17. No overnight camping or parking unless approved by TWS in advance.

I understand that this agreement offers no additional rights or privileges either expressed or implied. I have read and understand the Acknowledgment of Agricultural Farm status, Inherit accompanying Risk and Liability Release and General Rules and General Rules and Code of Conduct (listed above), and I agree to abide to them.

We thank you for taking the time to completely fill this form

Please make no payment yet. A Together We Stand representative will contact you for your recurring payment information.

You may be directed to submit your payment via credit card or payment apps:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Zelle
  • PayPal

or mail checks to:

Together We Stand
3350 N 57 Drive
Hollywood, Florida 33021

A confirmation notice will be sent by email to the contact email listed on your acceptance into the C.S.E. Supporting Group after payment has been received.

For more information please contact us by email or by call us at 954-275-4055

Annual Student Membership

Costs for the 2021-2022 school year, starting on September 1, 2021 and ending May 31, 2022, will be set at $250.00 – that breaks down to only $25.00 a month for 10 months.

Monthly Membership

Cost of $35.00 a month for non-annual members can be setup on auto renew.

Student members are granted:

  • Student groups and club groups will act as a steering force for the activities associated with Together We Stand and its programs
  • Students will have extended access to the Together We Stand campus (restrictions apply)
  • Extended community service, volunteer, and educational opportunities
  • Student members only workdays and events
  • Community service hours will be recorded for all time spent contributing to Together We Stand
  • Student members will create clubs and special interest groups i.e. aquaponics, animal care, music, art etc.
  • Students can build their resume for college scholarship or employment through participation in these programs
  • Advance notice and advance registration of upcoming student Classes, Workshops, and Events
  • Students will receive a discount on Classes, Workshops and other Events
  • Student members are the first to be considered when employment opportunities become available
  • Students will be encouraged to develop vocational and/or marketing skills and apply them at Together We Stand’s public events
  • Social media exposure with and through other Together We Stand members and the Together We Stand platform
  • Marketing & sales opportunities via the Together We Stand platform and events

Student tuition work programs will allow students to barter volunteer time for program membership cost if necessary.