Student Classes & Workshops

Together We Stand offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for students including classes, workshops and day camps. 

Topics of interest will include but are not limited to:

  • Earth Sciences (aquaponics, urban farming, water purification, sustainable energies, etc.) with a focus on practical applications.
  • Creative Sciences (create, build, plant, or compose something).
  • Holistic Wellness (nutrition, fitness, balance, breathing, and focus).
  • Practical Education (hands-on life skills).

Student Classes

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Students Workshops

farm workshop level 2 | pre k to 5th grade

Farm Workshop Level-1 | Pre-K to 5th grade

Farm Workshop Level 1 (2.5 hr. grades Pre-K to 5yr) Especially developed for children of Pre-K to 5th grade age. This workshop program runs for 15-weeks in regular sessions. Workshop groups are limited to 20 children. Offered in 2.5 hour time blocks every week on Tuesday.

  • Tuesday at 9:00am to 11:30am
Program Curriculum: (Sample)
  1. Week 1 – Soil production, Composting, Vermaculture
  2. Week 2 – Plant propagation (both soil & aquaponics)
  3. Week 3 – Backyard animals and other natural  partnerships.
  4. Week 4 – Creative time (build or plant something to take home) Healthy, sustainable living & eating (food party)
NOTE: Programs subject…
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Farm Workshop Grades 6-12

Farm Workshop (3 hr. grades 6-12) Especially developed for students in grades 6 to 12.

  • Offered every 3rd Saturday of the month.
NOTE: Programs subject to change and adjust to best serve students interests and conditions. This program is designed as a hands on play/learning time. Other farm activities may also be includes such as feeding farm animals and watering plants.
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