Mission Statement

What is Together We Stand’s Core Mission?


  • What is the true reason Together We Stand does what it does? 
  • What is our driving passion? 
  • What is our core mission? 
  • Why was Together We Stand created? 


Our mission is to sow as many seeds of thought and creativity on as many minds and hearts as possible. The crop we are sowing is not for today. It’s our tomorrow.

Today, everything that we’ve been taught has been based on the fundamental principle of “consumption.” You start with an energy source and take, take, take until you run out of energy. Then you fill up again and repeat. Consumption includes: Phones to cars, to bank accounts. Everything we know has been based on consumption. This concept at its core is not sustainable. 

God, or nature if you prefer, is not a consumer, they’re Creators. Our culture is not teaching our children to be the creative, out-of-the-box thinkers that we need so desperately. They are teaching our children to fit-inside-a-box. Their establishment box and follow their establishment rules.

Together We Stand was created as a practical education facility to teach kids to think and act like creators; to build, plant, create something…anything.

It’s our job, our mission, to teach as many children as we can and sow as many truthful thought seeds as possible. To get them to think a creative thought, possibly for the first time ever. To give them every opportunity to explore what is possible when you dream, plan, and actually try something new. Ideas might work or not. Thomas Edison said “Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.” Together We Stand believes “Win, lose, or draw, when the kids win… We all win.” 

At Together We Stand, we understand that this is not someone else’s responsibility, it’s ours. All of ours. And we realized that we are sowing seeds of potential that we most likely won’t get to see bear fruit in our lifetime. In the future it will bear fruit. Much fruit! Good fruit!

Our programs, tours, hosting, aquaponic systems, and everything else that we do, is designed to facilitate this core mission: It’s for our tomorrows !

You too can make a difference with Together We Stand!

Can our mission become your mission too?
Now is the best time to act. Join us. Stand with us at Together We Stand.