Hosting: Educational, Wellness, & Special Events

Together We Stand is more than a name, it’s what we are building. We are putting together a platform and a unifying banner built and designed for the education and healthy development for as many people as possible. 

Our campus, our farm, our program. They are an asset that was designed to be shared to educate and strengthen as many people as possible. Together We Stand has its educational programs and we are glad to share them with you, however, there is more to life than fish, plants & school. There is music, art, food, and so much more. And not every one learns the same way. Not everyone speaks the same language. 

With this in mind we are opening our campus and facilities up to other educational and wellness programs as a hosting site. To inspire, teach, heal, help, entertain, and to enjoy. In this way, more people can enjoy and be enriched by this program, campus and living concept.

Together We Stand is South Florida’s only Educational & Wellness Hosting facility. Our 5 acre farm campus located in the heart of Hollywood, Florida, may be the perfect choice for your next event.

Day or night time festivals, food/music events, arts & crafts, chef showcase, wine & cheese tasting, book release & signings, fund raising events, project kick-offs, & community events. This is the place where it all comes together.

  • Covered outside meeting areas
  • Shaded picnic areas
  • Air conditioned Classroom (50 cap.)
  • Outside BBQ & cooking area available
  • Catering options available (from school lunch to gourmet)

Home school groups, private tutoring, special needs education, senior activity groups, veteran services, vocational training, clubs and organizations; the possibilities are endless. 

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Together We Stand is the perfect venue to host your next cultural event.  Our secluded campus, private lake and lush oak trees make for a beautiful backdrop to any event or showcase.

Together We Stand is a place for education!

Small Group Education

Group sizes from 1-100

Together We Stand offers a fresh new alternative to the traditional indoor learning situation. Our farm campus offers the perfect platform to host your next private or small group learning session. You teach you own curriculum your way or Together We Stand can help out with a customized guided “Farm tour and Workshop.” Either way, your students win and so do you. 

Our outdoor shaded, working & learning areas make the perfect classroom. Our wood workshop & craft area, educational gardens, small animal barn, & experimental aquaponic laboratory can all become part of your learning tool box. We even have a 50 seat capacity air conditioned classroom just in case it rains or you just happen to like air conditioning more than fresh air. Together We Stand may be the perfect solution to your next small group event such as: Home school groups, Private tutoring, Special needs education, Senior activity groups, Veterans service, Vocational training, Clubs and organizations – the possibilities are endless. 

Private & Corporate Hosting

Group sizes from 10-250

Together We Stand is a place to bring people together!
Putting groups of people together these days can be tricky. You want to be safe and you want to have fun but, where today can you get away from the city for a day? Maybe visit a farm to gather in the fresh air and sunshine?  Maybe even learn something new while we are at it. TWS is the place!  TWS offers a uniquely private & secluded country farm setting.  It is the perfect venue to host your next private or corporate party or event.

Private parties, Receptions, Family Picnics & BBQ’s, Corporate sponsored events, Customer appreciation, and Employee team building.

Cultural Events

Group sizes from 10-250

Together We Stand is a place to enjoy life!
We sometimes forget how rich we really are!  Rich in family, friends, culture, food, music, love, and just plain rich in life!  Together We Stand is about all of it!  It is a place to bring together the richness of life. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the people!

Wellness Hosting

Group sizes from 10-250

Together We Stand is a place of healing, wellness & growth! 
Many folks are having a tough time coping with the stress and fear associated with our culture today. It is very hard to find a place of peace & serenity in this fast paced world.  Well, right in the middle of all of that noise, right in the middle of the city of Hollywood, Florida, is a small piece of paradise called Together We Stand.

We are offering a fresh new alternative to the traditional indoor counseling & therapy sessions.  We offer the perfect platform to host your next private or small group therapy session.  Our lake side picnic/meeting areas & shading oak trees make the perfect setting for a peaceful, stress free time of sharing, healing, & growth. 

Physical Therapy, Special needs groups, Emotional & stress Counseling, Life Coaching & encouragement, Educational workshops, Camp retreats – it’s all here!