Group/Private Tour Reservations

Reservations are required for group tours. To schedule your tour, please complete this form and submit it via email to info@togetherwestand.org. Our staff will contact you quickly If there are any scheduling issues . You may speak with a customer service representative at (954) 275-4055 for more information.

The personalized tours take approximately 2 hours and are a great hands-on learning opportunity. This is an exciting and thought provoking learning experience for students of all ages. The registration cost of the tour is $20 per person, with a 4 person minimum ($80 minimum). 

Tell us about your group (Please print clearly)

Name(s): ______________________________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________

City: __________________________________  State: _____  Zip Code ____________

Phone: ___________________________________  Fax: _______________________ 

Primary contact person:_______________________________________________

Primary Contact Number: ____________ Primary Contact Email: ________________

Secondary contact person: _________________________________________ 

Secondary Contact Number: _________ Secondary Contact Email: _______________

Would you like all emails sent to both Primary and Secondary contacts?  __ Yes   __No

Approx. Number of Attendees: ______________________________ 

Age Range(s): _____________________________________________

Requested Date of Visit:  ___________________________________

Alternate Date of Visit: _____________________________________

Requested Arrival Time: ____________________________________

If arriving in the morning, will your group like to reserve a picnic area for after the tour?   

Yes ___ No ___

What will be the mode of transportation and how many vehicles will your group arrive in (for parking purposes)?__________________________________________

Please note

Together We Stand is an active farm environment. While we are constantly striving to offer a safer environment for your students, the current grounds do NOT offer handicap accessibility for restrooms or walkways. Please advise the staff of TWS of any special needs, mental or physical limitations that need to be addressed prior to arriving at the campus.

Special Needs/Allergies: 


Payments and Cancellations:
A non-refundable deposit of half the price of the tour will be required to secure the tour when a date and time is reserved. Full payment is due at the time of your visit. Credit card payments may be made on-line or by phone.

Total number of persons attending: ______________________

Total amount of tour: __________________________________

Authorized Signature: __________________________________

Printed Name: ________________________________________

Please call for availability and/or reservations. After your trip has been booked (over the phone or internet) you will receive a confirmation letter and additional instructions by fax or e-mail. Please review the letter and make sure that all the information is correct. 

We will contact you via email or phone within two business days to establish payment and confirm your reservation request. Your trip is NOT confirmed until payment is received. 

If you need more information, please contact customer service at 954-275-4055.

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